Virtual Conference

September 27, 2022 | Free to Attend

Building Your Operational Foundation

September 27th from 12-2 CT | Free to Attend


Recruit. Retain. Develop. WIN.

A team is only as strong as each individual on it. That’s why TEAMWINS was born.

When you are looking to build the biggest, most profitable business possible, you need to not only hire the right people, but retain your MVPs. Losing quality individuals can wreak havoc on your bottom line, causing you to lose time and resources to recruiting and onboarding instead of fostering the talent under your very own roof.

Join us for our latest TEAMWINS session for a deep dive into retention and development:

  • Understand your core values and their relationship to your culture.
  • Onboard for success.
  • Win in the first 90 days with new recruits – then do it again and again.
  •  Help team members discover their goals, then develop their talents to achieve them.
  • Prepare team members for future opportunities.
  • Convey the future organization chart and vision.
  • Make your business one that team members can’t imagine leaving.
“This was probably one of the best classes I have ever been to! I love the deep dive with REAL details and information that I can use, rather than just an overview or a mention of something and move to the next thing.” Mindy Mullen, Hometown Team, Sioux City, IA
“Overall, this has been one of the most impactful and amazing classes I have EVER attended, and I feel confident I will be able to credit a lot of future success to the aha’s I received.” Elizabeth Kyser, Rainmaker, Houston, TX
“I appreciate the program. It was unique and fresh. I had my whole team sign in. It's good for them to see and hear what the expectations are from other perspectives.” Cindy Slack, Rainmaker, Simi Valley, CA
“This was one of the most beneficial classes I have done in quite sometime, so thank you! The variety of speakers (from a production standpoint) was perfect!” Stephanie Lucas, Rainmaker, Birmingham, AL
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Every team needs a coach.

TEAMWINS brings together the industry’s most prominent and prestigious coaches and the iconic agents they serve. Hear directly from the experts who work day in and day out on the real-world strategies that create teams of millionaires.


Zachary Roberts


As a MAPS Coach with over 20 years of operations experience, Zach is passionate about helping others succeed in both their personal and professional goals through community and the foundational principles of The ONE Thing.


Monica Kelts

Monica Kelts


Monica currently serves as the VP of Expansion and Agent Services for Verus Network, as well as, the co-owner of Onward Agent Services with fellow MAPS Coach, Rachel Lusk. OAS is a business that provides leverage to Keller Williams agents, teams and Market Center’s as they follow KW specific systems and models around transaction coordination, database management and marketing services.


Ryan Allen

Ryan Allen


Ryan has been in every seat of a 7th level team, growing her team to 14 members in 3 years, and closing $25M in sales. She began her coaching career to empower real estate leaders to build net worth, leadership skills, scalable systems and success through others.

Don't let a costly hiring mistake impact your business.

Make the right hire for your team, right away, with help from those who have driven massive growth through talent.

Our experts will teach you exactly how to:

  • Network and lead generate for the right talent
  • Scan a resumé and quickly identify red and green flags
  • Delve deeper into the KPA with questions you may not think to ask
  • Avoid costly hiring mistakes and select the right person for the role
  • Create a disruptive 30-60-90, setting big goals and clear expectations
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