KW Military ™

You served our country. Let us serve you.

Keller Williams is proud to announce KW Military, a community established to recognize and support active duty and veteran military, as well as their family members. Our mission is to honor your service and sacrifice by providing you with the tools, training, and camaraderie you need to build a big business and an even bigger life.

Become a Part of KW Military

Join the Community by Declaring Your Military Affiliation

Help us give you the appreciation and support you deserve by declaring your military affiliation in Command, or by reaching out to your Market Center leadership team. Whether your status is active duty, veteran, or military spouse, you can become a member of the community in just a few simple steps.

Wear the KW Military Badge of Honor

The KW Military pin is more than your proof of membership. It’s a symbol of your commitment to this country, and our commitment to you. Wear it with pride, and let it be a reminder that Keller Williams always has your back.

Reach out to your market center leadership for more information.


Get the Latest Intel

KW MAPS x KW Military

Build a thriving, relationship-oriented business. KW MAPS presents a series of talking points and follow-up processes for working with military buyers, sellers, referrals, and other military agents. $199/month.

Always Here for You

For any questions concerning KW Military, please email