KW Tech Roadshow

Labs Unleashed


If you can see it, we can build it.

Join us for Labs Unleashed, the first-ever KW Tech Roadshow series. Labs Unleashed takes the principles developed by Gary Keller, CIO Josh Team, and other Keller Williams leaders and brings them directly to you. Gain a complete understanding of our changing industry and how we are preparing you to respond. Let your voice be heard and fully arm yourself for the challenges ahead.

This is next-level Labs. Come win with us.


Confirmed Tour Regions & Dates



Southeast 11.27.18

Kristy Hairston | Johnson City MC

Southeast 11.28.18

Kristy Hairston | Knoxville MC

Florida-North 11.30.18

Donnie Brookman | Tallahassee FL 10:30 - 3:30

Southeast 12.3.18

Tonya Byrd | Savannah MC

Florida-North 12.4.18

Donnie Brookman | Sarasota FL 8:30 - 12:30

Oklahoma 12.4.18

Shaina Moats | Tulsa

Southeast 12.4.18

Kristy Hairston | Chattanooga Area

Florida-North 12.5.18

Donnie Brookman | Tampa FL

Maryland & DC 12.5.18

Kim Zurorff | Columbia, MD

Oklahoma 12.5.18

Shaina Moats | Oklahoma City

Utah 12.5.18

Matt Green | St. George 12 - 4 p.m.

MI/NO 12.5.18

Joe Delia | Detroit, MI

Florida-North 12.6.18

Donnie Brookman | Jacksonville FL 8:30 - 12:30

Southeast 12.6.18

JD Kellum | Atlanta-Roswell MC

Florida-North 12.7.18

Donnie Brookman | Ocala/Gainesville 8:30 - 12:30

Greater Heartland 12.7.18

Zach Younger | St. Louis

Ohio Valley 12.10.18

Chad Hyams | Indianapolis

Southeast 12.11.18

Tonya Byrd | Peachtree City MC

Southeast 12.11.18

Kristy Hairston | Green Hills MC

California-Northern 12.12.18

Zach Younger | Maui MC

Maryland & DC 12.12.18

Seth Dailey | White Marsh, MD

Southeast 12.17.18

Patrick Mauldin | Montgomery MC

Maryland & DC 1.9.19

Ty Voyles | Millersville, MD 1 - 5 p.m.

Quick Links

What is Labs?

Labs is a program where Keller Williams invites its 180,000-plus associates to help build the next generation of software that will power their business. Learn more.

How Does Labs Work?

An initial Labs group tells us a problem they want solved and describes the experience they expect. We take those insights and build a solution, or product. Our associates then test that product and provide direct feedback. Using this feedback as our guide, we continually refine the product with our associates. As the product matures, we add more people to the lab and continue the process until our associates decide the product is ready for general availability. Dive deeper.

What is the Keller Cloud?

The Keller Cloud is a platform comprised of interconnected products that will collect agent, transaction, and client data, allowing KW agents to effortlessly run and grow their businesses. Learn more about the Keller Cloud.